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    Komne nyheder !

    Komne nyheder er biler der kommer i shoppen, men med ukendt dato for udgivelse.

    Når der stå antal på lager, så er der åben for salg (forhånds ordre), de vil så blive sendt når de kommer på lager.

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  • Sideways biler 1:32
    It will only be manufactured according to the interest of users, stores and distributors
    Sideways owner Christopher Saioni has put the cards on the table. Manufacturing the new Lamborghini Huracan GT3 has a high cost and will only be put into production if the response of users, stores and dealers is positive enough to offer it at a reasonable price.
    Yesterday showed through the social networks the first images of the first pre-series of the long-awaited Lamborghini Huracan 1:32 scale for slot. A decoration that will not be the final one, and some forms that can vary in some aspects. The bodywork will be manufactured in China and the mechanical part will be manufactured by Sideways, without components, and assembled in France.
    On the other hand, Sideways confirms that the Gr.5 series will continue on its way and hopes to unveil a new model shortly, while informing that the Lancia Stratos Gr5 Marlboro is out of stock and can only be acquired through shops.
  • Le Mans Miniatures 1:32

    Le Mans Miniatures laver biler i 1:32, 1:24 og 1:43

  • SRC biler 1:32
  • Sloting Plus biler 1:32
  • SCX biler 1:32
  • NSR biler 1:32

    NSR er en af de store inde for Slotcars, det er et Italiensk firma som har deres ejen fabrik i Italien.
  • NSR 2 sort biler 1:32

    2 sorterings biler fra NSR, er biler som NSR har taget fra på grund af fejl på bilen, det er kun kosmetiske fejl, (fejl i laken, en ridse i laken, snavs i laken osv.)

  • Revell 1:32
  • Gslotcars 1:32
  • Scalextric biler og...
  • MR Slotcar 1:32
  • Arrow Slot biler 1:32
  • Scaleauto biler 1/32
  • Ninco biler 1:32
  • Fly Slot biler 1:32
  • BRM biler 1/24

    BRM fremtid !

    It seems that BRM Model Cars has found a way within class 1:24. If the Simca 1000 and the NSU TT were an excellent proposal with a great acceptance by the fans, now BRM Model Cars has just revealed that to the previous two will add another of the popular sports car of the sixties, the Renault 8 Gordini. A car full of great sports stories, like the mythical Renault Trophies or his forays into the Rallies across Europe.
    BRM has advanced us that next week we will have the first images of this new model at scale 1:24.



    Vores lager af BRM biler er ikke stort, men vi kan få dem hjem på bestilling.

    Se deres webside på

  • Scaleauto biler 1/24
    The importance of a good chassis
    Scaleauto presents its slotcar 1:24 scale models for this year 2017 with a special emphasis on the different types of chassis they incorporate. Home Series Chassis, the basic range; R Version Chassis, amateur and competition, and metal chassis for the new GT3.
    The Audi LMS GT3 of 2015 and the Corvette C7R of Daytona of the same year are going to find on the track a new Lamborghini Huracan GT3 that in principle will arrive in a single livery of 24H Spa 2016.
    Anyway the list published below can see increased their references throughout the year. These are definitive but Scaleauto has already informed us that it does not close the 2017 catalog.

    1/24 New MODELS: All them available in HS 124 and R version chassis.

    SC-7067 LMS GT3 Audi Sport Team WRT Nurburgring 2015
    SC-7075 Corvette C7R car 24hDaytona 2015 #3
    SC-7076 Corvette C7R car 24hDaytona 2015 #4
    SC-7077 Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Spa 2016 #63
    SC-7078 LMS GT3 Audi Sport Team Phoenix Nurburgring 2015

    1/24 New LIVERIES with Metal SC-8003 GT3 chassis:

    SC-7048R Porsche 991 RSR LM 2013 #92 Winner Team Manthey.
    SC-7050R Porsche 991 RSR LM 2013 #91 2nd place Team Manthey
    SC-7026R Mercedes SLS GT3 24h Nurburgring 24h. 2012 #66 Heico Motorsport
    SC-7060R BMW Z4 GT3 VLN Nurburgring 2012 #20 Schubert Motorsports

    1/24 New LIVERIES with Plastic Home Series 124 chassis:

    SC-7048HS Porsche 991 RSR LM 2013 #92 Winner Team Manthey
    SC-7050HS Porsche 991 RSR LM 2013 #91 2nd place Team Manthey
    SC-7026HS Mercedes SLS GT3 24h Nurburgring 24h. 2012 #66 Heico Motorsport
    SC-7060HS BMW Z4 GT3 VLN Nurburgring 2012 #20 Schubert Motorsports
    SC-7062HS BMW Z4 GT3 Nurburgring 2013 #20
    SC-7066HS SRT Viper GTS-R Daytona 2016 #33
    SC-7068HS BMW Z4 GT3 Nurnburgring 2013 #19
    SC-7069HS SRT Viper GTS-R Daytona 2015 #93 winner

    1/24 new spare parts:

    New HS124 home Series chassis in plastic fully adjustable and ready for all Digital racing chips to be useable in all Modern GT cars.
    New Sponge Tyres range for BRM and Carrera cars direct replacements
    New range of tools
    New range of Modern GT Advanced metal chassis
    New range of F1 Metal Chassis
    New Range of liquids
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    Black arrow is a company dedicated to the production of high quality slot products. It is born with the hopeful and wish to produce the best slot products in the market, nevertheless at afforable prices.

    We count with a R&D department that makes exhaustive test sessions in our private track, in order to fulfil the  quality requirements in both endurance and speed races that this hobby entusiasts demand.

    Black arrow's  goal is that all the work and hopeful invested in our products will lead to satisfaction for our customers.

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